If preparing financials for one entity sounds hard, think about preparing financials for each project.  Construction Industry is unique in demanding WIP (Work-In-Progress) report.  Unless your accounting system is set up in such a way to generate this report with a few clicks, you will spend a hell of time preparing this report.   To maximize profitability, it’s essential to regularly monitor these reports. No matter what type of accounting software you use, the report should track key information for each project in progress. WIP reports may initially seem overwhelming. But once you understand the terminology used and conditions that raise a red flag, the WIP report can be a powerful management tool. We can help you create these reports and teach you how to monitor WIP on a regular basis.


Hospitality businesses constantly juggle seasonal trends, inventory management, and operating costs in order to stay profitable and ahead of the competitive pack.  To help them make better decisions, minimize taxes, and avoid compliance issues, the savvy hospitality business owners align themselves with CPA Firms that specialize in the hospitality industry rather than the closest CPA Firm nearby.  With today’s technology, specialized advice trumps location when it comes to choosing the right CPA firm for your business.

Software Consulting Companies:

Are you tired of following up with your consultants for their timesheet, especially if it is a weekly timesheet?  Need to make sure that your invoices are sent to the clients on a timely basis so that you can pay your sub-contractors on time?  We have hands-on experience dealing with consultants to get their timesheet and submit your invoice on time.  You will get a timely report about the sub-contractor payable so that there won’t be any surprises regarding your bank balance.  From the time collecting the timesheet to the time periodic financials to be sent to your banker, our consultants can handle the work pressure and meet the deadline.

Contract Manufacturing Industries:

Do you have a cloud-based enterprise management solution (EMS) for your entity?  If not, you are missing some opportunities that will allow you to focus more on your core business.  From budgeting, accounting, financial reporting to building BOM, production planning, purchasing, from supply chain to sales, you will get real-time intelligence and visibility across the whole of your organization with a well-designed ERM solution that fits your entity.  Our consultants have experience in finding the right software solution for your business needs and helps you to have a smooth transition from your existing accounting software.