Whether you’re selling a product or providing services, it’s all about the bottom line. In 10 years of helping clients, we’ve learned, and absorbed, and experienced every facet of business that makes bottom line better. It’s more than accounting and bookkeeping—it’s an understanding of what it takes to succeed. To successfully run and grow a business you need to know how to run your business efficiently. Statistics show five out of 10 new businesses fail within the first five years. Priya Business Consulting Services PLC will work with you from the task of choosing the right entity to prepare your entity's financials and projections.


We have over 10 years of experience in dealing with and supporting various versions of QuickBooks, Thomson Reuters Professional Suite and various other legacy softwares. We can also continue to support you by simply answering your questions or providing you with one of our full-service programs.


Let’s face it: The more you plan throughout the year, the better off you’ll be at tax time. We’ll help with the planning, making sure you’re taking advantage of all the deductions and deferrals you’re entitled to. Of course, tax laws change frequently, so if your tax preparer isn’t up to date on the latest information, you might end up paying more than the law requires. At Priya Business Consulting Services PLC, we monitor these laws constantly and combine them with proven, creative, tax-saving strategies. We go far beyond just preparing your return; we make every effort to minimize your tax liability. We offer tax return preparation and planning services to corporations, partnerships, LLCs, and individuals.


Nothing ruins your day faster than mail from the IRS or your state department of revenue. The good news is that you don’t have to be alone in those situations. A letter from the IRS means you’re going up against tax experts, so don’t go in unmatched and unprepared. Get the professional team on your side.


Accurate and well-maintained financial records are an important indicator of the overall health of a business. Providing insight into our client's financial situation guides them down the path to success. The accounting professionals at Priya Business Consulting Services PLC take a detailed look at each of our prospects and clients' situations to properly guide them down the path to growth and success in this ever-changing business landscape. Our accounting services offerings apply to all industries and service providers with our unique, individualized approach giving business owners, managers, decision-makers, and individuals the strategic advice essential to their success. From bookkeeping to payroll to financial statements and more, you can trust the professional team to provide these and other accounting services with the utmost efficiency and accuracy. We will prepare customized monthly or quarterly financial statements for your specific business needs. We will also reconcile your bank account and help create a simple internal recordkeeping system. We provide a range of accounting services for individuals and businesses of all sizes. The professionals at Priya Business Consulting Services PLC provide proactive service to help you successfully manage your business finances and ensure the integrity of your accounting records.


Priya Business Consulting Services PLC can assist you with most of your day-to-day accounting needs. That includes services such as gathering the information from your bank statements and other accounting records to prepare a financial statement in an understandable format to help you gauge your financial success and manage your business. Do you need assistance in preparing checks to pay your vendors or invoices to your customers for the services you provide? We can do that too. Our bookkeeping services offer business owners the luxury of an in-house bookkeeper without the worries of having an employee call in sick or having to pay out benefits. We can take care of accounts payable and receivable, create invoices, and send out statements, write checks, track vendor’s invoices and credits, and reconcile vendor statements, inventory control, and much more. This frees the owners time up from doing the tasks themselves or having to hire someone. Since the average business doesn’t need a full-time bookkeeper, we can give owners quality professional service without the difficulty of finding a qualified part-time bookkeeper.


Our Payroll Services can help you get it right the first time. The only thing an employer has to do is to gather the hours and then e-mail or call that information to our office. We process the payroll and print checks on checks we provide. This leaves the owners with the task of just signing the checks. We can also provide direct deposit service for your employees' pay checks and can take care of remitting your tax deposits, retirement plan withholding, garnishments and other deductions from the employees' pay checks. We provide full reporting for you to record the payroll to your books and prepare all necessary federal and state payroll tax returns and year-end W-2 forms. Our payroll expertise extends to all states within the United States. The payroll service also includes handling the annual worker’s compensation audit at no extra cost. The year-end can be a challenging time with all of the regulatory reporting your business has to comply with. Let Priya Business Consulting Services PLC help by preparing your 1099 forms and mailing them for you. Our professionals can even help with preparation of the required reporting for the Affordable Care Act.